21f mistress here!

Hey there, I’m Nikki & this is my sole thread at BDSMsexting!
I’m here to offer my services to serious men searching for business worthy girls on Skype & Kik. Ready to please & satisfy, sext, cam & chat with guys over 18!

My services include:

Skype shows
I’ve been giving shows for quite a while! Feel free to hit me up for a preview, I can do a 10, 15, 30min show or even an hour long one depending on your needs, likes & kinks! A girl moaning your name live is one of the naughtiest experiences online!

Live nudes & sexting
Sexting is what kicked off the whole online fun experience in general! Kik me for some fine nudes & some good sexting anytime, any day! I’m one of the few girls delivering on time & on a s3xy manner!

Girlfriend experience (GFE)
This one’s for the shy guys! If you’re looking to get some experience with a girl before going for the real thing I might be what you’re searching for! Hmu, let’s get to know & help each other!

BDSM experience
Past are the days BDSM fun was a basement dweller’s ‘‘weird’’ kink. Now it’s mainstream and everyone should take their fair share of kinky fun once in a while. Hit me up if you’re looking for a genuine mistress to try things out with!

Where to contact me

Skype: live:nikkirn97
Kik: NikkiiRvn97
Forum: Private message

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Summer is near and I don’t need too much to wear :wink: Temperture is going up and my mood too :kiss: Hmu if you’re interested for a legit and hot girl to have some fun with xx

I might look cute but I know how to make a man explode :wink: Hmu and give me the chance to show you how I can do that xx Only guys over 21!

I’m here for another night guys! Ready as always to please naughty & serious guys xx Hmu for some real fun

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It might be a bit late but I’m kinda naughty and looking for the one who’s going to me really naughty so I can go to bed happy and I hope you too :wink:

Are you looking for live shows or pics? Don’t be shy and hit me up xx I can make shy guys into naughty too (or at least I can try :smirk: :kissing_smiling_eyes: :flushed:)

Last post for tonight guys! I’m still able to please you and show you what I can do xx
Hit me up if you’re over 21!

Don’t look further and hit me up if you want some sexy fun now! Let my body and voice make you naughty for your own pleasure and mine :wink:

It might be a bit late but I’m kinda naughty and looking for some really naughty guys to play with and maybe more :wink: :heart_eyes: Hit me up if you’re looking for some kinky fun xx

I’m going to bed soon so hit me up quick if you’re into late night fun :kissing_closed_eyes: :wink: I’ll please you as much as I can if you please me too xx

I would love to get used by u

Such a naughty night tonight, don’t you think? :wink: I’m able to play more and do more stuff for you :wink: Come and hit me up if you’re looking for some real and sexy fun xx :kiss:

Are u a bit drunk with a hard on? :wink: :beers: Hit me up and let me help you deal with your problem hehe xx

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Are you looking for some fun to fill in your boring time? :fearful::smirk: Hit me up and I’ll show you my kind of fun :wink:

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Help me end this night with a nice way and I’ll do my bests to do the same for you :wink:

I’m into naughty and fun mood and looking for some serious guys to play with xx
Is there anyone here?? :smirk:

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Summertime is almost here and I can’t wait to show you what good weather makes me do :wink: Hmu if you’re into for some hot fun xx

Don’t waste more of your time and message me if you’re looking for a real & sexy girl to have some fun with xx :kissing_closed_eyes::wink:

Guys she is not replying😏

What do u mean? :stuck_out_tongue:
Please kik me again then :blush: